“MFM Speaks Out” Podcast EP 17 – Sal Cataldi on Surviving and Prospering as an Improvising Musician

“To me, there isn’t a middle zone between creative paths of improvisation and traditional paths… Musicians deserve to be compensated and deserve a decent environment to play their music.”  – Sal Cataldi

Sal cataldi

Photo courtesy of Sal cataldi

In this episode of the MFM Speaks Out, Dawoud Kringle interviews Sal Cataldi. Sal is a guitarist, composer, improviser, producer, a contributor to nysmusic.com, MFM member, and founder of Cataldi Public Relations Inc,”

In this episode, Sal discusses his Spaghetti Eastern Music project, His recent release One Act Sonix with the Vapor Vespers project, his other music projects such as the Hari Karaoke Trio of Doom & Frank’s museum, the nature of 21st century music performance, his experience as a music journalist with nysmusic.com, how he founded Cataldi Public Relations, the Hudson Valley Music scene and musician’s community and how the recent COVID-19 pandemic affected it, and his involvement with MFM.