MFM’s 1st Fundraiser Campaign Seeking Your “Priceless” Contribution!


Musicians For Musicians (MFM) is a non-profit Musicians Rights organization established in 2015 by professional musician Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi. MFM seeks to elevate the work of all musicians to the level of a true profession, one recognized and appropriately rewarded by society; it’s a 501(c)(6) non-tax-deductible association with the right to lobby, and exists alongside (but separate from) the musicians union.

MFM’s first fundraiser, running from October 20 through November 20, 2020 reaches out to all musicians and music lovers for financial support in helping to realize MFM’s mission.

Please contribute here.

During Covid-19, it’s essential that we musicians keep sight of what’s most important in our lives: Music! Musical activities (many of which are social) have been dramatically curtailed by this disease. There are emotional and financial issues, and the politicization of the virus itself; many of the resources on which we depend have been severely cut back. How is MFM helping its membership during these difficult times?

1. MFM continues to run educational ZOOM Webinars with guest speakers in lieu of live events (such as the Online Music Marketing webinar on September 17).

2. MFM advises its members regarding government Unemployment Benefits and other resources.

3. MFM continues its twice-monthly podcast, MFM SPEAKS OUT . Episodes feature interview-style discussions on musicians’ issues, with guests including jazz master David Liebman, Arturo O’Farrill (Afro Latin Jazz Alliance), Ken Hatfield (on copyright), Mario Guarneri (SF, Jazz In The Neighborhood) and LaRonda Davis (Black Rock Coalition).

4. MFM offers members music business information via MFM’s on-line magazine DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY and via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

5. MFM continues to reach out to “pro musicians’ rights” politicians and collaborate with other musicians’ rights organizations to improve musicians’ lives via legislation.

MFM’s Board and Advisory Board members include legendary jazzman Billy Harper, educator and activist Dr. Cornel West, Grammy Award winner Arturo O’Farrill, jazz maestros David Liebman and Joe Lovano, and others with rock, classical and world music backgrounds. Together with its membership, MFM works toward the goals of #MakingMusicIsAProfession and #UnityInTheMusicCommunity.

Many past events have affected musicians’ lives: the advent of recording, movies (with and without sound), radio, television, the digital era, and changes in musical styles and consumer tastes; these have displaced some and provided opportunity for others. Some of mankind’s greatest achievements came after centuries of “Dark Ages,” so there is always hope, even when times seem the most challenging.

Remember, our MFM Fundraiser runs from October 20 through November 20; if the above inspires you to get on the MFM bandwagon, please make a PRICELESS and vital contribution to our cause!

Please contribute here.

As our way of saying thanks, for a contribution of $50 to $100, you will receive this gift: either NEW** MFM T-Shirt (Blue) or **NEW** MFM T-Shirt (Skull) of your choice, For $100 or more, you will receive both new MFM t-shirts, with color and size of your choice.

In solidarity and music,
Sohrab Saadat and the MFM Board