Ariel Hyatt

MFM “Speaks Out” EP 36: Ariel Hyatt on New Ways to Monetize Music

“The Old Ways of Music Monetization are Gone, and We Have to Think of Other Ways of Monetization” – Ariel Hyatt

In this episode of MFM Speaks OutDawoud Kringle interviews Ariel Hyatt. Ariel is a digital marketer, writer, and teacher who assists independent musicians in career development. She is the author of Music Success in 9 Weeks (2009), Cyber PR For Musicians (2013), Crowdstart (2016), and other books. Hyatt worked at New York City’s WNEW-FM, and the What Are Records? record label. She moved to Boulder CO, where she managed and handled publicity for the funk band, Lord of Word. She is also the founder and owner of the New York-based public relations firm Cyber PR. Her clients included the Toasters and George Clinton.