MFM Presents: “Make Music Your Business” #9 Workshop with Ken Hatfield @ Wingspan Arts
Sep 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
MFM Presents: “Make Music Your Business” #9 Workshop with Ken Hatfield @ Wingspan Arts

Ken Hatfield Speaking About Copyright – legally protecting your creations. Understanding, securing and defending the most fundamental of all artists’ rights.

Date: Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
Time: 7pm to 8:30pm
Venue:  Wingspan Arts (Film Center Building, 630 9th Ave, between 44 & 45 St., Suite 602, NY, NY 10036)
Ticket: $15 (free for MFM members). No refund.

Seating: limited (up to 25 seats)

“What finally turned me into an activist for artists’ rights was the realization that no musician can afford to sit on the sidelines expecting others to fight for rights we ourselves are unwilling to defend.” Ken Hatfield

MFM Advisory Committee member Ken Hatfield will discuss what copyright is, its origins, its importance and why giant tech corporations are funding Astroturf campaigns to undermine it. He will also cover what individual artists need to do to secure and protect the ownership rights of their music under the recently passed Music Modernization Act (MMA). 

About Ken Hatfield: the musician, author and activist

A leading proponent of jazz played on the classical guitar, composer KEN HATFIELD received ASCAP‘s prestigious Vanguard Award in 2006 for “innovative and distinctive music that is charting new directions in jazz.”

Ken’s the leader on 10 commercially released CDs, 9 featuring him performing his original compositions, as a soloist or with his ensembles. He’s published six books of his compositions. In 2005 Mel Bay published his comprehensive instructional book Jazz and the Classical Guitar: Theory and Application and in 2017 included two of his compositions in Contemporary Guitar Composers of the Americas. 

Ken’s compositional experience ranges from jazz works for his own ensembles, to solo classical guitar works, choral works, and ballet scores for Judith Jamison, The Washington Ballet Company, and the Maurice Béjart Ballet Company, as well as scores for television and film, including Eugene Richards’ award-winning documentary but, the day came.

Ken continues to lead his own ensembles and be an in-demand sideman. In recent years he has also become an artist rights activist, serving as co-chair of the Artist Rights Caucus of Local 802 and as a member of the Advisory Committee of Musicians for Musicians (MFM). In April 2019 he participated in the United States Copyright Office’s fifth and final roundtable on reform of section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

About MFM

MFM seeks to bring together musicians from all disciplines, styles, traditions and localities in the cause of their mutual self-betterment. Whether through education, networking or political action, MFM’s ultimate goal is to elevate the work of all musicians to the level of a true profession, one which is recognized and appropriately rewarded by the society in which they live and work. MFM additionally advocates for the creation and maintenance of a fair and sustainable musical ecosystem, one in which participants share equitably in all forms of revenue generated by their work product, whether composed, recorded, or performed live. In the final analysis, we seek to promote all conditions which benefit the musicians’ community and the music created by it, while opposing all those which do them harm.”


MFM Public Musicians Forum #20 @ WingSpan Arts
Feb 27 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
MFM Public Musicians Forum #20 @ WingSpan Arts

As always this monthly MFM Public Musicians Forum is run by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (President) and legendary jazz man Billy Harper (Board member). This forum will feature topics on a variety of musician and music business related subjects of interest to our members and non members.

ALL musicians of ALL genres are invited to attend, including music educators, DJ’s, Hip Hop artists, music advocates, Union people, #UnityInTheMusicCommunity.


1. Guest speaker musician,band leader and educator Val Kinzler.

She will speak about her “humble” beginnings, the struggle to earn a living as a teaching artist, performer, songwriter while raising her son and will address the importance of securing a support network that allows creative artists to evolve and maintain their skills.
Speaking about the ins and outs as a producer, conceptualist, booker and host of events. And sharing her experience as a mediator in the midst of high stress, conflictual situations dealing with fellow artists and band mates and serendipitous meetings of the mind with some well known greats she’s been fortunate to meet and collaborate with.
She also has a band that still plays live and records and worked as a prevention specialist/counselor for at risk youth teaching songwriting as a positive alternative at the NYC Department Of Education.
Furthermore, she also wants to talk about her upcoming NYC Women Who Rock Festival in March which is in collaboration with New Century ENTERTAINMENT’s Founder Michael McHugh who was the speaker at our last forum.

2. Adam Reifsteck will report about his forthcoming MFM SPEAKS OUT podcast

3. Roger Blanc will speak about the California AB 5 Law and its (negative) impact on freelancing musicians (called independen contractors by Labor Law),

4. Ken Hatfield will speak about and discuss the importance of meta data like the ISRC code.