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Interview: Lucas Jeanpierre @ Bryant Park (NY), August 11, 2011

Date: August 11, 2011
Location: Bryant Park
Video interview by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

For DooBeeDoo it is always interesting to know how foreign musicians feel and think about NY’s music scene and life in this city. This time Sohrab interviews the 25 years old Swiss vibraphonist Lucas Jeanpierre. In the three videos Lucas speaks about his background, his three months in NY, his impression of the NY music scene, playing here and there in NY and about his future.

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Music listings – 8/30 through 9/4

Will be updated during the week!

1. Shahzad Ismaily

Dates: Tuesday, August 3o, 2011
Time: 10pm
Venue: The Stone (is located at the corner of Avenue C and 2nd Street)
Ticket: $10
Genre: contemporary music/electronica/improve

Shahzad Ismaily solo on bass and electronics. He was born to Pakistani immigrant parents and grew up in a wholly bicultural household. While he holds a masters degree in biochemistry from Arizona State University, he is a largely self-taught composer and musician, having mastered the electric and double bass, guitar, banjo, accordion, flute, drums, various percussion instruments and various analog synthesizers and drum machines. Ismaily has recorded or performed with an incredibly diverse assemblage of musicians.

2. Tyshawn Sorey

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Kickstarter campaign: “Skana, Goddesses and More” – a show of music, dance and theatre at Galapagos Art Space (NY)!

Text by the producers of this event


“Skana, Goddesses and More.” is a new live performance that will take place at Galapagos Arts Space in NYC on Sept 27, 2011. The event gathers original female performers with  an engaging presence to weave together a web of music, dance and theatrality that is wavering, ethereal, poetic.

The evening is divided in 2 parts:

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Event review: 1st Annual African Dance Concert (Sabar Dancing at Symphony Space)

Date: August 13, 2011
Venue: Symphony Space (NY)

Concert review by Jim Hoey

It was another one of those nights in NYC when I left my place with no expectations, I was simply heading off to hear some African music on the recommendation of a friend. So off to the Symphony Space on the Upper West Side I went. To my surprise, this concert of Sabar music and dancing kicked off with drummers coming in from the back of the theater, and the dancers and singers chanting from backstage until they joined forces at the fore and started to get into their Sabar thing, which is a call and response type dance from Senegal, with drummers beating hard on their skins and interacting and pushing the dancers on and on, improvisationally. From the very start, the drummers cleared the air, prepped the crowd by announcing that this night requires audience energy to be authentic, and then jumped into the opening invocation, getting the crowd to clap in tune with the drum pulse.

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Check out Afropop’s video of a Sufi saint celebration in Upper Egypt!

Afropop’s  Sean and Banning have returned from Egypt with a plethora of music, video and sounds. This week they are taking a breather after an intense, month-long trip before delving into the 4-part radio & web series they will be producing on the music of Egypt. Stay tuned by reading Banning’s latest entry on Koranic Recitation.  You can also check out their video of a Sufi saint celebration (watch below) in Upper Egypt. Very cool video! Recommended to Sublime Frequencies fans!