Chief editor’s message

Photo by Clara Aich

Photo by Clara Aich

Hello and welcome to the DooBeeDooBeeDoo World!
I am Sohrab, the chief editor of DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY (DBDBD NY). The office of DBDBD NY is located in the heart of Manhattan.

What does DBDBD NY mean to me?
It stands for my love and passion to music. Music is eternal. It touches people’s hearts instantly. It is direct and merciless sometimes. Boom! Music is everywhere. Even people who are not aware of music are confronted with it every day. People who don’t like music do know the existence of it.

My first encounter with DBDBD happened in Tehran (Iran), when I was a teenager. My grandma used to sing me to sleep by Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo-ing. It was also the time when Frank Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night was a hit in Tehran and all the radio stations played it.

My second encounter was, as far as I can remember, when my favorite cousin Kambiz took me to a cafe-bar on a Sunday morning in my home town Hamburg, Germany, which had a juke box. He selected a couple of singles. I can’t remember exactly what kind of music he chose, but I guess a mix of UK Pop and German Schlager. But I remember that I was impressed by his dj-ing. When I left the cafe, I was a different person.I felt like no virgin anymore!

From that time on I started to love music. I became a music freak and was lucky to experience the birth of UK Pop/60’s Pop music in real time. My first favorite band was The Byrds introduced by Kambiz, who was a fan and later president of The Byrds’ European fan club. Then I fell in love with The Bee Gees for a very short time. Then I switched to Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Soft Machine, Santana, The Doors, and many more.

What a change of taste! The Woodstock Festival DooBeeDooBeeDoo-ed. I started to buy records, and to play the drums and guitar. Going to see concerts. The Jimi Hendrix concert was a punch to my heart. The best concert of that time, I guess.

Let’s stop being nostalgic! Let’s talk about today!
Today you are looking at the X issue of DBDBD NY. Being humble, the content has improved a little since summer 2009. There are still so many things missing. But I believe after some time this magazine will be something you will like.

In order to improve the contents I still need writers. Especially CD reviewers for following music styles: rock, blues, jazz, all kinds of roots music, field recordings, modern music, soundtracks, electronics, hip hop. So, if there is anybody interested in writing for my mag, please read the about page and contact me at: [email protected]

Cheers dear readers and have a good one!