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DooBeeDoo supports the Kickstarter campaign by Search & Restore: NEW ORLEANS ! April 30-May 2

Text by the Kickstarters


Search And Restore: New Orleans is a 3 day festival (April 30th-May 2) celebrating the incredible new jazz musicians, creative composers and improvisers operating in New Orleans today, organized by Adam Schatz (founder of Search & Restore), Justin Peake (founder of the Merged series @ the Dragon’s Den) and  Jeff Albert, (founder of the Open Ears series @ the Blue Nile).

FEATURING: James Singleton // Simon Lott // Mike Dillon // Justin Peake // Jeff Albert // Brad Walker // Steven Bernstein // Helen Gillet // Mike Gamble // Rex Gregory // Aurora Nealand // AfricaBrass // Brian Coogan // Scott Amendola // Mark Southerland // Marcello Benetti // Dan Ostreicher // Todd Sickafoose // Will Thompson // Tate Carson Quintet // Chris Alford + more TBA!

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A short film documentary: A Tribe Called Red – music activists from Canada.

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Is music made only for entertaining people? Is music just a commercial product? Is music something deep and important in our lives? Why do we still need music? How do you feel about music in general? What’s your answer?
It s is widely known that the power of music influences people’s mood and  creates scenes, routines and occasion in their lives. From Plato to Adorno who portray music in their social theories as an influence on character, social structure and action. A Tribe Called Red is a good example for what DooBeeDoo believes in and why it has been supporting music acts like them:… The basic thrust of the editorial content is that a social awareness can be fostered through music.

Last month, Guillaume Decouflet made his way to the Electric Pow Wow in Ottawa and sat down with A Tribe Called Red to talk party music, urban indigineity, and upending racist stereotypes through multimedia artwork. Cluster Mag is proud to host Decouflet’s account of the experience; a short film-documentary assembled from his interview, a little bit of party footage, and the audio-video work of Bear Witness, one of ATCR’s three members.

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Interview: the Colombian flute duo Camilo & Juan from Queens

Date: March 27, 2012
Location: Central Park

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Another Monday in my life… I had nothing to do, although I had something to do. Just got on a bus from the Upper West Side and let the bus take me to Columbus Circle. I looked for a coffee shop but couldn’t find something nice. So I decided to check out the park. From far I heard flute sounds which made me to enter the park. Eventually I found two flute players who were standing on a small hill. I went close and listened to their musi for a while.  After a while I decided to talk to them and took my iPhone out from my pocket and interviewed them. The interview was very easy going. I asked them to talk about themselves and their music.

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CD Review: Amir ElSaffar and The Two Rivers Ensemble “bring maqami air to Jazz.”

Artist: Amir ElSaffer and the Two Rivers Ensemble
Title: Inana
Label: PI Recordings
Genre: Oriental Jazz/Jazz

Review by Matt Cole

Inana is a new release from Iraqi-American musician Amir ElSaffar and the Two Rivers Ensemble. ElSaffar is one of a number of musicians, notably including Vijay Iyer and Rudresh Mahanthappa, who are finding new and creative ways to combine modern jazz with the music of their respective cultural backgrounds. In ElSaffar’s case, the background is Iraqi Maqam, a rich tradition which is considered the most perfect form of maqam. Maqam is highly modal, and mainly melody-oriented; rhythm is fluid and harmony, like in Indian music, is secondary at best.

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Introducing The Chromatic Tambin

Text by Sohrab Saadat

“March 6th was my SoSaLa Nu World Trash CD release party at Nublu. I invited Sylvain Leroux, who’s from Canada and has been living and performing in NY for many years, to play with me in some of the songs because I love his flute playing. Gladly he accepted  my invitation and played in the songs which he had recorded with me. Before the gig he showed me about his Chromatic Tambin, and I think he used it during the show. So let him tell us what his new flute is about.

“The Chromatic Tambin, a new flute, has been invented by me, which I will unveil and demonstrate at the New York Flute Fair on Saturday, March 24. I will introduce the Chromatic Tambin, my innovative re-design of the traditional Guinean three-holed, side-blown tambin during a group concert entitled “The Dynamic Flute.” The new instrument has extraordinary possibilities.

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