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Documentary Film: PUNK IN AFRICA – Three Chords, Three Countries, One Revolution…!!!!

Courtesy of PUNK IN AFRICA website

Courtesy of PUNK IN AFRICA website

Title: Punk In Africa
Director: Keith Jones
Producer: Deon Maas
Released year: 2011
Time: 82 minutes
Countries: South Africa/Zimbabwe/Mozambique

In 1976, as the Soweto Uprising was moving the anti-Apartheid struggle into a more militant stance, another revolution of sorts was starting in cities across South Africa. Inspired from abroad, but entirely filled with its own unique anger and outrage, punk rock exploded into a country where the Rolling Stones were banned from the radio. In their clothing and hairstyles, their lyrics and their decibel levels, these bands with both black and white musicians such as Wild Youth, Gay Marines and National Wake  broke the law. Punk rock in the Apartheid era was called the music of the devil.

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Film Documentary: “THE HOUSE I LIVE IN” A film by Eugene Jarecki – The War on Drugs has never been about drugs!

Over the past 40 years, the War on Drugs has cost more than $1 trillion and accounted for over 45 million arrests. The U.S. holds 25% of the world’s prisoners, yet accounts for only 5% of the world’s population. Black individuals comprise 13% of the U.S. population and 14% of drug users, yet they are 37% of the people arrested for drug offenses and 56% of those incarcerated for drug crimes.


As America remains embroiled in conflict overseas, a less visible war is taking place at home, costing countless lives, destroying families, and inflicting untold damage  upon future generations of Americans.  In forty years, the War on Drugs has accounted for more than 45 million arrests, made America the world’s largest jailer, and damaged poor communities at home and abroad. Yet for all that, drugs are cheaper, purer, and more available today than ever before.
Filmed in more than twenty states, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN captures heart-wrenching stories from individuals at all levels of America’s War on Drugs. From the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside  America’s longest war—a definitive portrait revealing its profound human rights implications.
The film recognizes the seriousness of drug abuse as a matter of public health,  and investigates the tragic errors and shortcomings that have meant this symptom is most often treated as a cause for law enforcement, creating a vast machine that largely feeds on America’s poor, and especially on minority communities. Beyond simple misguided policy, the film examines how political and economic corruption have fueled the war for 40 years, despite persistent evidence of its moral, economic, and practical failures.

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Short Film Feature: “FOLI” – There Is No Movement Without Rhythm by Thomas Roebers

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I love YouTube…and by chance I found this short documentary film in YouTube. Visually and musically this film is so beautiful that I decided to post it in DooBeeDoo. This short film says so much in such a short time. It tells and shows us about one thing that we aren’t aware of in our daily lives. Guess what?

Photo courtesy of Thomas Roebers

Speaking of this short film

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Documentary Film: Beats, Rhymes & Life – The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

When: Monday, August 27, 2012
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Where: St. Nicholas Park, Harlem Directions: Take the B or D train to 135th and exit towards 135th and St. Nicholas Ave
Ticket: free
Contact: Moikgantsi Kgama (212-694-2887 or  [email protected])
Categories: outdoors


Run Time: 97 min. | USA | directed by Mike Rapaport

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Film Feature: “Chicken with Plums” from the writers/directors of PERSEPOLIS!

Date: starts Friday, August 17, 2012
Venue: Angelika Film Center (18 W. Houston St. New York, NY 10012, 212-995-2570)
Buy ticket: here

About the film

Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Country: France
Language: French
Length: 1 hr 31 min
Directed by: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud
Written by: Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (based on the book by Marjane Satrapi)
Starring: Mathieu Amalric, Edouard Baer, Maria de Medeiros, Golshifteh Farahani, Eric Caravaca, Chiara Mastroianni, Mathis Bour, Enna Balland, Didier Flamand, Serge Avédikian, Rona Hartner, Jamel Debbouze and Isabella Rossellini

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