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Recommended KICKSTARTER Campaign: Skye Steele – Singing-violinist writes gnarled folk-art songs that dig deep and fly high. The record is nearly done; help him release it right!

Text by Skye Steele ………………..Up From The Bitterroot

The project
Last year I spent the month of January out in the woods of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, writing songs, practicing, and keeping a daily dream journal.  For three weeks I wrote a song every day, Monday-Friday.  The best of those songs have become the center-piece for this album, my first full-length release as a song-writer.

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Recommended KICKSTARTER Campaign by Augusta Palmer: A is for Aye-Aye: An Abecedarian Adventure

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I really recommend this funding campaign by my friend, fan, and DooBeeDoo contributor.

Text by Augusta Palmer

“A is for Aye-Aye” is a short film, an alphabetical journey that creates phantasmagorical new worlds from found images.

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DooBeeDoo Endorses Sylvain Leroux’s Kickstarter Campaign: Music Literacy Program for Guinea

Conduct and document a semester of an exploratory program in Guinea made possible by the new 6-hole “chromatic tambin” flute

Photo by Sylvain Leroux

Photo by Sylvain Leroux

The objective of this project is to develop and test a METHOD to bring MODERN MUSIC LITERACY to Guinean children by using the chromatic tambin,* a new, patented invention that is a modification of the tambin, the traditional flute from Guinea.    Continue reading

DooBeeDoo Endorsed KICKSTARTER Campaign: “THE ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE” – a new CD by Jemeel Moondoc

I hope to be recording a new CD titled ‘THE ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE’ this  October 2013. This Kickstarter project was started specifically to raise funds, $3,400.00 to pay musicians for the recording session.  RelativePitch Records will cover the cost of the recording and all post production costs including distribution. However they will not pay musician fees for the recording session. This Kickstarter project will cover this short fall. Understanding the current economic situation and its effect on the recording business. especially in this small Avant-Garde Jazz market. This has become more typical than most people realize. The ‘ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE’ will be a series of compositions by me,  performed/recorded in a variety of group settings: a duo with bass and alto sax,  trio with bass, drums and alto sax, a quartet with bass, drums, soprano sax and trumpet. a quartet with bass, drums, alto sax and piano. a quintet with bass, drums, trombone, trumpet and alto sax and a sextet with the traditional jazz rhythm section with trombone, trumpet and alto sax. The ‘ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE’ will include compositions of the blues. ballads and the up-tempo post be-bop avant-garde jazz that I have become known for; ‘THE ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE’ will invoke feelings and emotions that one could only imagine feeling, as we walk through the ‘ZOO KEEPER’S HOUSE’ filled and encrusted with the ageless but modern existence of mankind. – Jemeel Moondoc

Musicians slated to perform on ‘The Zoo Keeper’s House’: Jemeel Moondoc – Sax, Roy Campbell Jr. – trumpet, Steve Swell – trombone, Hill Green – bass, Newman Taylor Baker – drums, Matt Shipp – Piano.

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