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ASIA ALT MUSIC NEWS From Metal Postcard Rec: featuring The Vinyl Records (India) and Low Wormwood (China)

metal_postcard_anim.2 Text by Metal Postcard Records (Hong Kong)

The Vinyl Records – Great New All Girl Indie Band From India!

OK… they might not change the world with their 80’s / 90’s indie sound but it does sound fresh for India. Thank God, at long last, no progressive jazz rock funk or serious sitar music for once. We’re just working out how to get them released on vinyl (no surprise there!)
Have a listen to: Ready Set Go and Escape Trick  (enjoy the presenter!)

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North Korea Scoop: a musician and former lover of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, Hyon Song-Wol suffered the death penalty on August 20, 2013!!!

metal_postcard_anim.2Text by Metal Postcard Records (Hong Kong)

North Korea never ceases to surprise. Kim Jong-uns ex girlfriend Hyon Song-Wol the singer with the Unhasu Orchestra somewhat embarrassed the current leadership with a purported sex video ( although it’s also been revealed that members of the orchestra had also been caught with bibles in their possession) which meant she and other band members were summarily machine gunned to death their familes sent off to prison camps along with anybody who actually witnessed the executions. This for a woman who’d been the president’s former lover and the singer of such dittos as “Footsteps of The Soldiers” and “We are Troops of the Party”   Here she is singing the bizarrely titled “Girl In The Saddle Of A Steed”  The whole affair has brought back this 1977 Top Of The Pops performance.

This is the purportedly pornographic video of Hyon Song Wol  which was uploaded to Chinese video host Youku. The video isn’t really a sex tape, but just a dance routine dance set to Elvis Presley’s “Aloha Oe.”

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Latest Cambodia Music News from Metal Postcard (Hong Kong)

Text by Metal Postcard

metal_postcard_anim.2The Cambodian Space Project To Tour Australia

From September, Friday 13, through to December 1, The Cambodian Space Project will be touring Australia, on a mission to visit some of the country’s most remote and regional locations, CSP takes the road less traveled from Darwin to the far South of Tasmania. Along the way, CSP will play pubs, schools, community halls, backyard bbq’s, shindigs, hootenannies, space stations, desert watering holes, wineries and bowling clubs. See The Facebook Events Page for more info

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Music Still Dangerous In China: Swat Teams Raid Live Music Venues In Shanghai Looking For Western Musicians!

metal_postcard_anim.2Special Report by Metal Postcards Rec‘s Sean Hockings

Here’s the story from our Metal Postcard correspondent on the ground in Shanghai. Obviously we can’t and won’t name the correspondent but it appears that the Shanghai authorities have decided that “western musicians” might be spreading subversive ideas or just encouraging people to listen to and do something a little different and this is the result. Luckily the Hong Kong music scene is so apathetic that there’s no worries here that the police will deal with them .. bands would only feel threatened if someone took their beer away !

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2 Metal Postcard Records (Hong Kong) releases: Language of Shapes (Korea) & Dub Addiction (Cambodia)

1475576052-1Artist: Dub Addiction
Title: Dub Addiction Meets Kampuchea Rockers Uptown
Label: Metal Postcards Rec
Format: CD and 8 trax digital download
Genre: dub

Buy digital download here:

Cambodia´s one and only Ragga Dub band. Original Reggae tunes with Khmer, African and German Raggamuffin MC´s.

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