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Neel Murgai

MFM “Speaks Out” Podcast EP 37: Neel Murgai on Brooklyn Raga Massive and the New Raga Renaissance

“We’re Creating New Musical Art Forms Indigenous to Brooklyn.”

Neel MurgaiIn this episode of MFM Speaks Out, Dawoud Kringle interviews Neel Murgai. Neel is a sitarist, overtone singer, percussionist, composer, teacher, and Co-Artistic Director of the  Brooklyn Raga Massive, a raga inspired musician’s collective.

Music on this episode:

“Bagheshri Unbound”  (live recorded improvisation by Neel Murgai using sitar, vocals and loops)

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Ariel Hyatt

MFM “Speaks Out” EP 36: Ariel Hyatt on New Ways to Monetize Music

“The Old Ways of Music Monetization are Gone, and We Have to Think of Other Ways of Monetization” – Ariel Hyatt

In this episode of MFM Speaks OutDawoud Kringle interviews Ariel Hyatt. Ariel is a digital marketer, writer, and teacher who assists independent musicians in career development. She is the author of Music Success in 9 Weeks (2009), Cyber PR For Musicians (2013), Crowdstart (2016), and other books. Hyatt worked at New York City’s WNEW-FM, and the What Are Records? record label. She moved to Boulder CO, where she managed and handled publicity for the funk band, Lord of Word. She is also the founder and owner of the New York-based public relations firm Cyber PR. Her clients included the Toasters and George Clinton.

Ken Butler

“MFM SPEAKS OUT” EP 35 with Ken Butler on Music Meets Sculpture

“I’ve Always Been Interested in Finding Connections Between Art and Music” – Ken Butler

Ken ButlerOur guest is Ken Butler.  Ken is a musician, experimental musical instrument builder, and visual artist. He builds hybrid musical instruments and other artworks that explore the interaction and transformation of common and uncommon objects, altered images, sounds and silence. His work combines live music, instrument design, performance art, theater, sculpture, and other forms of visual art. He is internationally recognized as an innovator of experimental musical instruments created from diverse materials including tools, sports equipment, and household objects. Butler has performed with John Zorn, Laurie Anderson, David Van Tieghem, Butch Morris, The Soldier String Quartet, Matt Darriau’s Paradox Trio, The Tonight Show Band, and The Master Gnawa musicians of Morocco.

Anne Wichman

“MFM Speaks Out” EP 33: Anne Wichmann on Infusing Electronics with Live Performance

“We cannot be in lockdown forever with this virus…we need events…we need art in our lives, and we need interaction with art and with music. More importantly, music cannot be taken for granted. We can make shows happen in a safe and positive way for everyone involved.”

In this episode of the “MFM Speaks Out,” Adam Reifsteck interviews Brooklyn-based producer and powerhouse performer Anne Wichmann about immigrating to the United States from Germany and finding a home in the New York underground Indie Electronica music scene. Topics also discussed include the issue of gender inequality in the music industry and creating opportunities in spite of a global pandemic.

Anne Wichmann is known for her edgy indie Electronic Pop project She’s Excited! With an appetite for intelligent and genre-bending music of icons like David Bowie and Björk as well as grooving Future Pop and Dark Electronica of artists like Billie Eilish and ODESZA, she listens to music defined by limitless imagination rather than genre. This bleeds into her versatile style of edgy and dark yet sparkling Electronic Pop that she merges with empowering and uplifting lyrics. She’s Excited! is a solo project, yet Anne collaborates with singers, musicians, producers and artists all over the globe.

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Jeffrey Green

“MFM Speaks Out” Ep 33: Jeffrey Green – Musical Instrument Retail and its Relation to the Professional Musician

“It’s All About Building Relationships” – Jeffrey Green

In this episode of MFM Speaks Out, Dawoud Kringle interviews Jeffrey Green, a professional sales engineer, musician, composer, and theorist with Sweetwater, the world’s largest online musical instrument retailer, based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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