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Indiegogo camapign: “PROFILED” – a feature-length documentary about police brutality and racial profiling

PROFILEDText by Kathleen Foster (director, produces independent documentaries that combine elements of individual stories, current events and history with a focus on grass roots struggles for change.)

Why I am making PROFILED?

In June 2012 a police officer killed Shantel Davis, a young African-American woman, through the open window of her car. It happened in Flatbush, a Brooklyn neighborhood near where I live. Distraught residents described hearing the fatal shots and watching officers drag Davis’ bleeding body onto the street, where they left her to die.

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Event Recommendation: Millions March NYC…say “no” to the senseless killing of Black people and the impunity of police who kill!

million march nycDate: Saturday, December 13, 2014
Time: 2pm
Location: Washington Square Park (NY)
March info: http://www.millionsmarchnyc.org/#!marchinfo/cxt9


A coalition of young multi-racial activists led by Black organizers in New York has called for a Millions March to take place on Saturday, December 13, gathering in Washington Square Park at 2 PM. The mass rally will take place in Manhattan; tens of thousands have already confirmed their attendance on Facebook.

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A music activist reports: community and labor stand together in peaceful cry for justice for Eric Garner

Text by JOHN PIETARO (August 25, 2014): http://peoplesworld.org/community-and-labor-stand-together-in-peaceful-cry-for-justice-for-eric-garner/
(John Pietaro is a musician, activist, writer and cultural organizer in New York City. By day he works in the labor movement. His website is www.DissidentArts.com)

Photo: At the Staten Island rally. John Pietaro/PW

Photo: At the Staten Island rally. John Pietaro/PW

STATEN ISLAND, NY: Thousands gathered in a peaceful march and rally on Saturday, August 23. Organized by the National Action Network, delegations of political and community activists, as well as many labor radicals, stood among them.

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