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Concert Review: Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne…showcasing an eclectic modern folk sound with a southern noir sensibility

Date: October 14, 2014
Venue: Rockwood Music Hall (NY)

Concert Review by Dante Mann

Photo by  John Greco

Photo by John Greco

It is rare when two folk musicians can keep a room’s rapt attention and intimately engaged for the entirety of a performance. These Georgia-to-New York transplants, Mark Rogers and Mary Byrne accomplished such a feat last Tuesday, kicking off a tour in support of their beautifully titled new album I Line My Days With Your Weight.

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Concert Review: X…The (Wild) Gift That Keeps On Giving

Date: Friday, August 22, 2014
Venue: City Winery (NY)

Concert Review by Joe Yanosik

Photo by Joe Yanosik

Photo by Joe Yanosik

It was a packed house on the evening of August 22 at the City Winery for the second night of legendary L.A. punk band X‘s 4-night run at the Soho establishment. Young punks, old fans and foodies all came together for wine, dinner and song. I arrived around 7:00 pm in time to have an excellent burger and a glass of Cabernet while the venue played Elvis and Carl Perkins music before the band came on stage promptly at 8:00 pm, looking very similar to how they looked (can it be) 30 years ago, with the only major differences being singer Exene Cervenka‘s added pounds and guitarist Billy Zoom‘s reading glasses (so he can see the frets on his guitar I’d imagine). But drummer DJ Bonebrake and singer-bassist John Doe looked almost indistinguishable from their heyday in the early 80s when their unique west coast hippie punk band enthralled fans and critics alike with one great album after another: their four-album run from 1980’s Los Angeles and 1981’s Wild Gift (both produced by ex-Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek) to 1982’s Under the Big Black Sun and 1983’s More Fun in the New World ranks up there with the other great punk album runs from the Ramones, the Clash and Sleater-Kinney.

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What was the Teepee Project about?

Text by Ed Hess

I started the Teepee Project in order to give the average person a platform to express themselves and have their voice heard. Every time I put on the news, I see the tea party coverage and can’t help but think how their views do not represent me and how else can the average person express themselves without dressing up in a silly costume. So instead of sitting on the couch doing nothing, a friend and I decided to put a teepee up in Union Square Park, NYC to record people on video and get their point of view on various concerning topics of the day. It turned out to be a success and we will continue the grass-roots effort for as long as we can. I am a big fan of Sohrab and his music, ever since we met in Central Park last summer. We collaborated on a short film entitled, Death and the Dancer in September of 2009 – Sohrab created the musical score and I directed. Hopefully, we will work together again in the future as he is an extremely talented musician, artist and activist. He was kind enough to show up at the teepee in Union Square and can be seen in part 3 of the series, closing us out with a beautifully played song…

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