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Introducing Satish and his FIREBIRD?!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Since coming to New York I have been hungry to see and meet all kinds of musicians. I have met so many great musicians meanwhile that I decided to feature some of them in DooBeeDooBeeDoo. So when my guitarist, Alejandro Castellano, talked about an Indian-American trumpet player by the name of Satish, I immediately got interested in this gentleman. I liked the idea that an Indian-American plays the valve/slide trumpet and incorporates Indian scales and sounds in his music.

I asked him to hook me up with Satish. He emailed me his Facebook address and his website. In his website, which was very interesting, I found out about his projects and music background. After doing my Satish research I decided to meet him in person which happened at Nublu, October 29th, when he was playing with the Underground Horns.

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