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Enka: Japan’s sentimental ballad music…reminding me of my love to Japan and “sad” sake?!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Yes, I’m very bitter about Japan in general, but….I still love this country. Especially its culture. Speaking of Japanese music I love Enka music. (My song “Sad Sake” is a melancholic tune inspired by a similarly-named song made famous by the Japanese Enka singer Hibari Misora.) This was the first kind of music I listened to when I moved to Osaka from my hometown Hamburg a long, long time ago. Especially after my Judo and Kendo practices I went with friends to a bar where in the background Enka was played. This is a video, shot in Osaka’s Shinsekai, of a street musician who performs well known Harumi Miyako‘s Enka song “Suki ni nata hito”.

The original version

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