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995223_10202084992143963_346864460_nText by John Pietaro

When posed with the challenge of listing 10 albums that have moved me on a personal level, those that have hit me viscerally, regardless of critical acclaim, I thought, let me try to reflect a bit. I am 51 and have carefully been listening to different genres of music for much of that time. I hope those I tag in this will also go that route and list the records that hit you deep and avoid trying to just wow everyone else here on DooBeeDoo. This challenge is more about what records were important as we developed as musicians/music listeners. So now in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

1. Out To Lunch – Eric Dolphy (not only an amazing classic of challenging, melodic, creative jazz led by one of the super visionaries of our time but also a great demonstration of the how the vibraphone can become as much a part of this new music as any other instrument!)

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Interview: John Pietaro – musician, activist & producer of the Dissident Arts Festival 2013 – speaks out!

Interview by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (DooBeeDooBeeDoo’s chief editor), August 20, 2013

All photos by John Pietaro

946305_10201375067076280_1897149628_nSohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (S): John, let’s talk about your festival “baby” first: the annual Dissident Arts Festival 2013. Why and when did you start this festival?

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