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China Underground Music Updates: Kraftwerk Banned From Playing Modern Sky’s Strawberry Music Festival In Beijing


Kraftwerk performing in Kiev in 2008 (photo by Andriy V. Makukha)

Text by by Metal Postcards Rec‘s Sean Hockings

An anon employee from Beijing record company let the cat out of the bag this week revealing to local press and AFP that the authorities in Beijing have banned the robotniks for agreeing to play a Tibetan benefit festival in Washington DC in 1998!  What’s even more incredible is that Kraftwerk didn’t even play because of very inclement weather.

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Hubl Greiner – leader of the legendary Dada German band “The Blech”

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I can’t remember when and how exactly I met Hubl Greiner, a German musician, composer and brain of the experimental-dada-world fusion band The Blech. But what I remember, is that when I met him for the first time  I lived in Tokyo. I was a musician myself and earned my living teaching English and German and writing as a freelance music journalist for Japanese music journals.

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