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Metal Postcards Rec Release: Debut EP From Indonesia’s Psych / Heavy Rock Band “Napolleon”

Napolleon (indonesia)Artist: Napolleon
Title: Napolleon
Label: Metal Postcard Rec
Genre: psychedelic indie rock
Buy here: https://metalpostcard.bandcamp.com/album/napolleon-ep

Debut ep from Indonesia’s psych/indie rock band Napolleon.
They describe their sound as “sound is more 1969/1970 Proto heavy rock than standard psych and we love them for it.”

This band is from Bandung, Indonesia. Formed in 2011 “when four young earthlings meet and dreaming about the sounds of outer space. They create hypnotizing and fuzzling sounds, as they blend echo-based sounds with experimental touch. They drawing some elements from 60’s psychedelic aesthetics to modern music with textured sound, and heavily inspired by Also Sprach Zarathustra.”

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Metal Postcard News from Hong Kong

metal_postcard_anim.2Text by Sean Hocking (Metal Postcard Rec)

The Drakkar BandThe rest of the world appears to becoming increasingly aware of the music of South East Asia from the 70’s….. The Drakkar Band who have just re-issued the eponymous album Drakkar 74 on Hong Kong based label Metal Postcard is going to the USA to play some gigs to help John Pirozzi launch his amazing documentary Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten. It’s worth remembering that the last time they played outside the country was 1973 to US servicemen in Vietnam. We’d be calling the tour.. “From Apocolypse Now to Hipster Central”!

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The First In Metal Postcard’s Series Of Digital Singles Celebrating Kraftwerk’s Legacy.

a0718219523_10Artist: POLYKEEPER
Title: The Model (CANTO VERSION)
Label: Metal Postcard REC
Genre: electro-pop/technoo

FEATURE TRACK: The Model (mp3) DOWNLOAD or available from Bandcamp here: THE MODEL

The first in Metal Postcard’s series Of digital singles celebrating how amazing German’s godfathers of techno music – Kraftwerk – still is.
Acts cover a Kraftwerk song in their own style/language and choose a song that’s suited to their geographic location.

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