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Vision Festival 18 Report P.3: Milford Graves Lifetime Achievement Award and performances

Date: June 12, 2013
Venue: the Roulette (NY)

Review and photos by Ancelmo James

267px-Milford_GravesThis past Wednesday evening I entered the Roulette, a very nice, perfectly sized theater on Atlantic Ave just about where it intersects Flatbush Ave with no idea of what to expect from the night of music ahead of me. Prior to going, I had never heard of Milford Graves, although I suppose it is very possible that his music has slipped through my ears without knowing at some point in my lifetime. That said, being a drummer myself, I was excited to experience whatever lay ahead.

Before I give any opinions or reviews of the music let it be said, that, in my understanding, the evening was a celebration of Dr. Graves’ lifetime achievements – not only his music, but his contributions to humanity through his music, as well as, through his teaching and research. As I gather, said contributions and achievements have been ample in Milford Graves life. From there it would be prudent to point out that a recurring theme throughout the night – and Dr. Graves life – was that of his openness of mind, of heart and of ear. This openness is a state of mind and a state of being – and for this I can say with much respect and admiration that Dr. Graves has earned the praise and acknowledgement that he has received.

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