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IndieGoGo Fundraiser Campaign: Music in Common (MiC)…Building Bridges, Building Peace

Music In Common (MIC)Throughout the past decade, Music in Common (MiC) has served thousands of people in more than 200 communities across the globe, deepening understanding between people of diverse faiths and cultures in underserved regions and communities in conflict.  Our focus on youth equips future generations with the skills they need to work and live together in partnership, even in the face of long and difficult odds.

MiC’s impactful programs unite Jews, Muslims, and Christians; Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, and others face to face with collaborative music and multimedia projects.  Through this experience participants discover their commonalities while recognizing their differences as something to embrace rather than something to fear.

Your support of our IndieGoGo campaign will keep these much needed programs in the U.S. and the Middle East alive and growing.

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