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Concert Review: Notes from the Stage…My Experience with the Brooklyn Raga Massive All Star Orchestra

Brooklyn Raga Massive logoDate: August 28,2015
Venue: Rubin Museum of Art (NY)
Review by Dawoud Kringle
Photos courtesy of Brooklyn Raga Massive

Some time ago, I attempted something a bit different (perhaps unique) in music journalism. I attempted to review a concert I actually participated in. As narcissistic as this may appear at first glance, I wanted to give the reader a perspective from the stage, and share the experience the musician has while performing. On Friday, September 28th, I performed with the Brooklyn Raga Massive All-Star Orchestra (BRMO) at the Rubin Museum of Art, in our performance of Terry Riley’s In C. With your permission, I will attempt to give another “view from the stage.”

(Check this video out made by Charles Abraham

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