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Rock noir from Brooklyn: Mr. Reid Paley!!!

Artist: Reid Paley Trio
Title: Approximate Hellhound vs The Monkey Demon
Label: Metaphor Rythyms
Cat.#: Meta-66
Blues/Rock/singer-song writer

Reviewed by Zack Prewitt

OK. Reid Paley. I’ve seen this name it seems forever. Never heard the guy. Here you go. Not bad. Convincing enough stripped down (you know, trio) blues, rockabilly, country arrangements. The wholly atonal vocals don’t work for everything, but I like Nick Cave so I’d be a hypocrite to not endorse them. They print the lyrics on the insert. That’s cool if you want to learn English to his CD. Should that be the case, I recommend skipping the last song for too much profanity. Good job Reid Paley Trio.

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