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CD Review: SEHRANG – Ancient Storytelling Reborn In The 21st Century And Creating An Intimate Experience

Sehrang CD Artist: SEHRANG
Title: Dar Lahze
Label: self published
Genre: nu Iranian music/jazz

Review by Dawoud Kringle

Despite the image the news would have us believe, Iran is a treasure trove of beauty and tradition. The flow of great music and art from the Persian people never seems to exhaust itself. The marvellous thing is that the artistic community of Iran is not content to rest on its considerable laurels; there is always new and innovative ideas contributing to the centuries of tradition. SEHRANG (a Farsi word meaning tri-olored), the Vienna based trio of Golnar Shahyar (vocals), Mahan Mirarab (guitar) and Shayan Fathi (drums and percussion) proved this with their CD Dar Lahze. Using elements of traditional and modern Persian music, and original lyrics and classical poetry, SEHRANG creates an intimate experience.

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Iranian New Wave Music: Sehrang – an Iranian accoustic trio greets the world from Europe!

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Almost every month I find out about the existence of an Iranian musician or band in or outside of Iran. Since beginning of last year I have been aware of an new Iranian music scene which I would like to call the Iranian New Wave MUSIC (INWM). Most of these Iranian musicians who represent INWM either live and perform in Europe, in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, England, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and in the US, or in Iran hiding in their homes. Performing their music at private parties or at European embassies in Tehran. All of them have one thing in common: searching for their own voices or identities. Like their foreign counterparts they want to contribute to the “pluralistic-modern world of music” and be a part of it without forgetting their Iranian roots.

Testing the Limits of Collaboration - painting by Nicky Nodjoumi

Testing the Limits of Collaboration – painting by Nicky Nodjoumi

Most of these musicians are into jazz, blues, reggae, electronica, indie-rock, heavy metal, Flamenco, Indian classical music, Latin music, Iranian folk music, Western contemporary and classical music. They either like to experiment with their traditional instruments, such as tar, santour, dombak, ney and daf, hooking them up to a lap-top in order to create sounds which are beyond of the original sound of that specific instrument. Or they play foreign instruments from the beginning.

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