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Songwriters Are Losing $2.3 Billion A Year Due To Outdated Government Regulations/BuzzFeed

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Right now a byzantine system is in place that not only dates back more than 70 years but also differs depending on the distribution platform. Traditional radio stations, for instance, pay royalties to the composer of a song, but not to the artist or band performing it — known in industry parlance as a performance right — if they are different. Sirius XM only pays royalties for songs released after 1972. Pandora does pay government-mandated royalties to songwriters but has been aggressively lobbying regulators to lower the rate in recent years. Use of music in both professional and user-based content on YouTube and other websites and in TV shows or commercials is yet another category of music licensing, with the difference being that it is free-market-based and not subject to government oversight.

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Music Activism: David Lowery/The Trichordist speaks out

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It’s been exactly two years since I caused a furor by posting “Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss?”  I think it’s worth reading if you have never read it.  If you have read it you might want to re-read it and ask: “what has changed and what has stayed the same?”

My opinon.

What has changed?  Hundreds of artists have spoken up demanding that the digital “New Boss” pay us fair royalties.  Artists were able to defeat the misleadingly named “Internet Radio Fairness Act.”  Artists are no long afraid of speaking out.  There is no stigma.   Further there is a new grassroots movement demanding the “Old Boss”  terrestrial radio pay performer royalties.  That’s a first.  See here http://irespectmusic.org/

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The MTP Interview: Blake Morgan of ECR Music Group on the #irespectmusic campaign

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Originally posted on MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY:
Chris Castle interviews Blake Morgan, head of ECR Music Group and the force behind the #irespectmusic campaign on Pandora, IRFA and the campaign for artist pay for radio play.

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Musician Issues: DMCA – The Top 10 Stories on the Must Read List (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

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This week congress will hear testimony on the DMCA as part of it’s on going review of the Copyright Act. Here’s 10 essential posts and articles to read to understand the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Google Receives Its 100 Millionth Piracy Notice. Nothing Changes… | DMN Safe Harbor Not Loophole: Five Things We Could Do […]

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