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ROY CAMPBELL, Jr, 1952-2014

Just as we are about to transmit this newsletter, we learned of sad passing of Downtown trumpet giant Roy Campbell, Jr. Mr. Campbell was born in LA in 1952 but raised in New York. Besides trumpet, Mr. Campbell played flugelhorn, pocket trumpet and flutes. Roy was a longtime friend and collaborator with William Parker, both are founding members of Other Dimensions in Music as well as members of Mr. Parker’s Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra.
Mr. Campbell led several bands of his own including the Akhenaten Ensemble, who were always a highlight of the Vision Festival. Other high points for Mr. Campbell’s playing include his work with Matt Shipp, Jemeel Moondoc, Charles Tyler, Whit Dickey and Dave Douglas’ Triple Trumpet Band. More recently, Mr. Campbell soared with work in Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity and a co-led band with Burton Greene. My favorite group that Roy Campbell has long worked with is the Nu Band with Mark Whitecage, Joe Fonda and Lou Grassi. Each of their half dozen discs are extraordinary.
One of the things I dug most about Roy is when he would emcee at the Vision Fest or even at his own gigs. He had a wonderful sense of humor and his occasional political rants were always charming. I am shocked at hearing of his passing since I just saw him a couple of months ago and he looked the picture of health. I would like to raise a toast to Mr. Roy Campbell, Jr., one of Downtown’s most distinguished musicians and sweetest spirits.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Manny ‘Lunch’ Maris, Chuck Bettis, Mike Panico

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I still can’t believe it that Roy passed away last Thursday. Because last Monday I jammed with him at Michael Wimberly’s event at the “Evolving Music” concert series. I enjoyed his trumpet playing.

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“Women Are Heroes”: documentary film by JR (France)

Women Are Heroes is the first movie of the French young photographer JR who lives in Paris and has become a hero to many people around the world. He doesn’t use his real name, because most of the work he does is illegal. It has its premier showing today in Paris.

This documentary film takes place around the world and particularly in Brazil, India, Kenya and Cambodia. It begins in the favelas of Brazil, where we recognize the huge posters of JR and the reactions they provoke in women. Then in India, where we discover women caught between traditional customs and modern day. Then Kenya, where, again, women must live in a more chaotic and unstable that. Finally, in Cambodia, we will face the violence of the ultra violent expropriation against households headed by a matriarchal system that attempts to resist the face of real estate giants … Each woman in the film amazes us with her courage and faith. It took three years for JR to make this movie. More in JR’s website.

JR audio interview with the photographer by Jim Casper.

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Women in action: Ntozake Shange of “For Colored Girls” featuring M. Nahadr @ Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe (NY)!!!

Ntozake Shange

M. Nahadr

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Venue: Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe (NY)

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