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Congrats: “Occupy Wall Street” won this morning!!!!

Text and videos by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

I got up this morning at 5:10 am. Turned the TV on to find out what was happening with the Occupy Wall Street movement downtown  at Liberty Plaza or Zuccotti Park. This morning at 7am Mayor Bloomberg wanted to clean Zuccotti Park, and use a new set of rules (including no lying down and no sleeping bags) which were designed  to end the Occupation of Wall Street for good. NY Channel 1 reported that nothing important had happened. So I got the feeling there was no reason for me to hurry. To arrive at 7am sharp was good enough. I prepared breakfast for myself and my wife. When I finished brushing my teeth, charged my Iphone, got into my jeans…got on the 1 at 79th Street. Changed to the 3 at 72nd Street and arrived at Wall Street at 6:55am and 7am sharp,  I was finally there.

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