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Event: ISTANBULIVE 3 – Sounds of Civilizations

Date: Friday, June 17, 2011
Time: 6pm-10pm
Venue: Central Park/Mainstage (NY)
Ticket: free

Istanbulive is returning to SummerStage for an unprecedented third year. Over 12,000 fans have attended the previous two editions. This year one of the most famous and influential Turkish artists of all time – world renowned composer, writer, film director and musician Zülfü Livaneli will perform. 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of his career. He will be joined on stage by NY Gypsy All-Stars and other guests for an amazing summer outdoor event. Also on the bill is MANGA, an alternative / hip-hop / electronic / rock band with a legion of loyal fans spread across Europe. With a Best European Act award at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards under their belt and a second place ranking at the 2010 Eurovision Song contest, maNga is an energetic force of musicianship. Continue reading

Music listings – 12/20 through 12/26

1. Chicha Libre

Date: Monday, December 20, 2010
Time: 9;30pm
Venue: Barbes (376 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY)
Ticket: $10
Genre: a mixture of latin rhythms, surf music and psychedelic pop

Chicha Libre plays a mixture of latin rhythms, surf music and psychedelic pop inspired by 1970′s Peruvian music from the Amazon. The Brooklyn-based band mixes up covers of forgotten Chicha classics with French-tinged originals, re-interpretation of 70’s pop classics as well as cumbia versions of pieces by Satie and Ravel. With Greg Burrows – percussion; Joshua Camp – Hohner Electravox; Olivier Conan – Cuatro & Vocals – Nicholas Cudahy – bass; Vincent Douglas – Guitar – Neil Ochoa – percussio

2. Mike Stern

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Music listings – 11/15 through 11/21

1. Adam Rudolphs Go Organic Orchestra

Date: Monday, November 15, 2010
Time:  8:30pm
Venue: The Roulette (20 Greene St., NY)
Ticket: $15
Genre: Jazz/contemporary

Composer Adam Rudolph returns with another series of Go: Organic Orchestra at Roulette. In concert he will conduct between 20 – 35 musicians in a spontaneous way, using a newly created score of music/letter grids, language themes, tone rows, traditional and synthetic scales, diadic and intervalic harmonies, The compositions will also utilize Rudolph’s rhythm concept of “Cyclic Verticalism” to generate form and weave what he calls an “audio syncretic music fabric”. The music is “organic” in the sense that the compositions and conducting exist as an inspiration and context for the musicians to express themselves by using their instruments as an amplifier for their inner voice. 

2. Poetic Heritage Festival presents M. Nahadr aka M & Ntozake Shange 

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