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Concert Review: The Cambodian Space Project (Cambodia) takes us on a trip to the past, the now, and the future, and that is nothing short of 4th dimensional magic

IMG_1622Venue: Drom (NY)
Date: August 9. 2013

Review and photo by Ancelmo James

The other night I went down to the east village to check out The Cambodian Space Project (CSP), a band whose sound is so incredibly nostalgic and reminiscent of surfy, British 60’s rock one might think they traveled through time from the past, or that they record soundtracks for Quentin Tarantino on the side. Either way, CSP music takes you back. Continue reading

Asia’s Best (Only) Record Stores

metal_postcard_anim.2Text by by Metal Postcards Rec‘s Sean Hockings

Any record store freak worth their while will already know about Tokyo’s endless mini record stores that only stock the Beatles oeuvre or another that might only stock Can reprints etc. We thought you might also like to be made aware of the few other shops that we’ve come across that might help you feed your desire to find Asian rock , electronic and underground tunes


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Scoop: The Cambodian Space Project…is Phnom Penh – the Berlin of SE Asia?

Text by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

It’s been a long time I haven’t heard from my contributor Sean Hockings who still resides in Hong Kong, still running his label Metal Postcard Rec, and hopes to bring China and SE Asia’s underground music scene to a wider world. Today he mailed me a YouTube video and the press kit of a very interesting Cambodian alternative rock band called  The Cambodian Space Project. Enjoy!

Text by Sean Hockings

News From Metal Postcard Records

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