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Kickstarter Campaign: Taikoza’s new exciting CD featuring a 300 lb. and 6 foot taiko drum and 150 lb. drums with bamboo flutes (shakuhachi, fue and nohkan)

TaikozaText by Marco Lienhard/Taikoza

About this project

We are excited at the project of recording a new CD of Taikoza‘s new pieces. We have been performing our new repertoire but we do not have the songs recorded yet. We hope that, with your help, we will be able to finally make this new CD. We have the opportunity to use a 6-foot long Taiko drum but could not find a space to record it. We finally found the Studio in New York that has doors big enough to fit it in.

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IndieGoGo Fundraiser Campaign: Music in Common (MiC)…Building Bridges, Building Peace

Music In Common (MIC)Throughout the past decade, Music in Common (MiC) has served thousands of people in more than 200 communities across the globe, deepening understanding between people of diverse faiths and cultures in underserved regions and communities in conflict.  Our focus on youth equips future generations with the skills they need to work and live together in partnership, even in the face of long and difficult odds.

MiC’s impactful programs unite Jews, Muslims, and Christians; Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, and others face to face with collaborative music and multimedia projects.  Through this experience participants discover their commonalities while recognizing their differences as something to embrace rather than something to fear.

Your support of our IndieGoGo campaign will keep these much needed programs in the U.S. and the Middle East alive and growing.

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Music Activism: Jeremy Danneman a positive force in our lives

Jeremy DannemanText by Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi

Jeremy Danneman, is not a new name for you. DooDeeDoo has featured Jeremy a couple of times during the last two years. Yes, he’s  a 24/7 musician performing on and off stage…yes, he’s playing all kinds of saxophones and the clarinet…yes, he’s a composer and educator, based in New York City. BUT He’s also a music activist and the founder and president of Parade of One, an international street performance project.

He’s a good example why we need more musician like him. He’s a young gentleman who cares for his people and people outside of his circle. He wants to reach out with his music and let people know that there are other people in need. He plays music for two reasons: firstly, he wants to entertain people in a positive and intellectual way and, secondly, he wants his audience to know about things they have never heard of or don’t know at all.

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Indiegogo camapign: “PROFILED” – a feature-length documentary about police brutality and racial profiling

PROFILEDText by Kathleen Foster (director, produces independent documentaries that combine elements of individual stories, current events and history with a focus on grass roots struggles for change.)

Why I am making PROFILED?

In June 2012 a police officer killed Shantel Davis, a young African-American woman, through the open window of her car. It happened in Flatbush, a Brooklyn neighborhood near where I live. Distraught residents described hearing the fatal shots and watching officers drag Davis’ bleeding body onto the street, where they left her to die.

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Indiegogo Camapign: Create An Album With Ted Drozdowski’s Scissormen! Bridge the future and history of great American roots music — real stories, epic sounds, surprises

Text by  Ted Drozdowski

Over the decades I’ve earned an international reputation as an inventive, hard-working musician and entertainer, and respected and award-winning journalist, historian, educator and advocate. Every project I’ve undertaken has had the mission of bringing great American roots music to more people while making them happy. The next step in this mission is a new album called Love & Life, which will bridge the past and present in a fresh and authentic way with the best music I’ve ever made. It’s joyful music that touches the mind and inspires the soul.

To do this, I need funding to create, mix, master and manufacture Love & Life, and to take it to the world with a marketing campaign that speaks to a broader audience. With your support, I can build a new, vital, living perspective on American roots music.

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