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Report: MFM ZOOM Talk Event #2 with Michael Harrison and Roger Blanc

Musicians For Musicians (MFM) Presents: “Music Is Essential” ZOOM Talk Event #2 with Michael Harrison and Roger Blanc Sharing an Experiential Workshop with Indian Ragas. 

Report by Dawoud Kringle

Michael HarrisonOn Thursday Aug 11, 2022, MFM presented its second Music is Essential Zoom Talk. The guest was composer/pianist Michael Harrison

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CD Review: Richard Bennett…interpreting raga through American musical form; and creating a triptych as a framework

a1351448752_2Artist: Richard Bennet
Title: Raga & Blues
Label: Mystica Music (India)
Genre: Raga blues?

Review by Dawoud Kringle

The CD begins with a tambura and sparse notes on piano that introduce an alap in Raga Malkauns. This gradually opens up into a rolling swarm of notes somewhat reminiscent of Michael Harrison’s piano work. Above this thick tapestry, melodies would appear and disappear. Occasional suggestions of a teehai would rise.

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CD Review: Michael Harrison & Maya Beiser… perfectly compliment each other’s genius, and the whole CD is a work of sublime beauty.

81+TZ9BxUoL._SL1400_Artist: Michael Harrison & Maya Beiser
Title: Time Loops
Label: Cantaloupe Music
Genre: modern-ambient-minimal-indian music

CD Review by Dawoud Kringle

One day, out of the blue, a package arrived in the mail. It was a CD: Time Loops by Michael Harrison & Maya Beiser. I imagine being a music writer has such perks. I’m no stranger to the work of Michael Harrison (and have even had the pleasure of studying with him). So, I waited for the right moment to properly listen to and savor this latest musical offering from the maestro.

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