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Event Review: Musicians for Musicians’ First Open Meeting – MFM Introduces Itself To The Public

MFM jpg logoDate: December 8th, 2015
Location: CA Music Room (Manhattan)

Review by Dawoud Kringle

On Tuesday, December 8th, Musicians for Musicians, the brainchild of musician / activist Sohrab Saadat Ladjavardi, held its first open meeting at the CA Music Room in NYC.

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Musicians rights: French production company KIDAM is cheating some of New York’s top jazz musicians

Dear DooBeeDoo readers and NY musicians!

I  think you should know about another new ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! case. This time musicians in NY are exploited by a French production company. The union organized a rally which we support and endorse. Please join the rally or distribute this announcement in your social networks.

Text by Ray Hair AFM International President

Dear Member:

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Some Thoughts: Analog and Digital – a Symptom of a Larger Issue

Text by Dawoud Kringle

Recently, I’ve gotten sucked into not one, but three separate arguments about digital vs. analog. I won’t waste time and effort arguing about this. This is one of those Internet (or personal) debates that will go in circles and end up nowhere, and ultimately resolve and change nothing. I can only speak for myself and my own music.

The trouble with all this is I can’t afford to record analog.

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A Declaration of Principles for an Ethical and Sustainable Internet

Text by Trichordist Editor

Technology may change but principles do not. A society that encourages the creative spirit is rare in history and worth defending. The internet and digital technology have opened up many new opportunities for artists, but it has also opened up new opportunities for those who wish to exploit those artists.

We offer for discussion a set of principles as a guide for companies and policy makers to keep in mind. It is our hope that these principles will help build a sustainable online creative ecosystem, one that benefits creators, innovators, and the general public alike.

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Recommended Event: DISSIDENT ARTS FESTIVAL Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Full Weekend of Music, Spoken Word, Dance Toward Social Change

The Dissident Arts Festival, the annual gathering of revolutionary creativity, will fete its 10th anniversary with a special weekend-long “2 nites/2 sites” edition. The event takes place on Saturday August 15 and Sunday August 16 at El Taller Latino Americano (Manhattan) and ShapeShifter Lab (Brooklyn), respectively.

A highlight of this year’s special anniversary Festival will be the reunion of free jazz master Daniel Carter’s 1980s hardcore/no wave band Dissipated Face. Other features include modern dance performance by Patricia Parker (producer of the Vision Fest/Arts for Art), neo-beat spoken word by Steve Dalachinsky, Downtown stalwart Trudy Silver’s solo piano, the Nueva Cancion of Bernardo Palumbo, liberation jazz by the Red Microphone, the expansive sound of the 12 Houses Orchestra (conducted by Matt Lavelle), poet Raymond Nat Turner’s Remembrance of the Victims of Police Violence, the “other-world art music” of Sumari, topical spoken word by Chris Butters, Safiya Martinez and Sana Shabazz, and Festival founder John Pietaro’s Literary Warrior Project. The event is sponsored by the Len Ragozin Foundation and endorsed by the National Writers Union-New York and the on-line magazine DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY.

Day One

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