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Tully Scope Festival presenting Tyondai Braxton’s “Selection from Central Market (2008)”

Date: March 7, 2011
Venue: Lincoln Center/Alice Tully Hall

Concert review by Jim Hoey

I clearly remember the day in Williamsburg when I first saw Tyondai Braxton making sounds, sitting surrounded by a circle of pedal effects in the middle of a street festival, sun beaming down, the East River a block or so away, one of a few performers set to play. He just sat blaring into a microphone, tweaking his electronics.

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Music listings – 3/7 through 3/13

1. Tyondai Braxton

Date: Monday, March 7, 2011
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Lincoln Center/Tully Hall
Ticket: $25 and more
Genre: classic music and rock fusion

Tyondai Braxton with the Wordless Music Orchestra
Caleb Burhans, conductor

Tyondai Braxton, best known for his role in the experimental rock group Battles, does not fit neatly into any one genre. His performances conjure sweeping symphonics, heady compositions, crashing guitars, and slyly playful sounds to create a wholly original style. For this contemporary classical event, Braxton will be joined by the 30-member Wordless Music Orchestra, a Brooklyn-based ensemble that, like Braxton, is dedicated to bridging the gap between classical and rock.

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